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  • A Jamaican Traditional Healer Needs Our Support

    Westmoreland, Jamaica, W.I. (January 12, 2018). Bongo Roache of Westmoreland, Jamaica is one of our popular indigenous certified herbalist/practitioner and a Rastafarian. He has been practicing close to 40 years and freely offers his wisdom and healing methods to all. Today, he needs our support.

    On the 31st of December Bongo had an unfortunate fall, stepping on a rock on his farm, he lost his balance, fell and fractured his left hip. He is presently in hospital awaiting a date for surgery, which has yet to be decided. Therefore, he has asked to receive private surgery at a competent hospital to immediately address any undue blood clotting trauma or misalignment of his hip, which would impair proper walking. Presently at the Savanna La Mar hospital in stable but sometimes painful condition, Bongo requires an implant to repair his hip fracture. After the operation he will require physiotherapy for several weeks to assist him to walk again. 

    During his convalescence, he will be unable to practice his livelihood, denying his usual income, which comes from planting, reaping and preparing his herbal remedies from his home base and herbal practice at Zimbali Retreat, Canaan Mountain, Westmoreland. Mr. Mark Swainbank the owner of Zimbali Retreat and Sharon Parris Chambers, Health & Wellness Consultant, have both decided to source donations through “Go Fund Me" to assist Bongo Roache. 

  • Spirit Airlines Adding More Flights to Jamaica

    KINGSTON, Jamaica, Sunday January 7, 2018 – Spirit Airlines will be increasing flights to Jamaica in March.

    It has announced additional flights to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay from Baltimore-Washington International Airport in Maryland, United States, from March 22.

    Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett hailed this development as yet another indication of the increasing demand for Jamaica and augurs very well for the tourism growth strategy.

  • CARICOM Moving to Create World’s First Climate Resilient Region

    CARICOM’s incoming chairman, Jovenel Moise of Haiti, says the absolute necessity to create a climate smart region is clear, given the effects of climate change which have brought destructive hurricanes

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Wednesday January 3, 2018 – With the Bahamas and Dominica which were hit hard by hurricanes in September both aiming to be the world’s first climate resilient nations, the wider Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has a similar goal.

    CARICOM’s incoming chairman, Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse says it’s aiming to create the first climate resilient region in the world.

  • Find and mind Caribbean culture

    Source: ETN

    Caribnewsroom Editor's Comment: This is a must read article which brings a wealth of respect and value to Caribbean peoples. Valuing a society, it mores and its contribution to the world is worth more than gold. (Sharon Parris-Chambers)

    Maybe I should have suggested a headline ‘The quest for the Caribbean heart and soul and purifying its society’. But there are more and different perspectives to it. It should be a top resolution for the New Year. Tourists and especially the new generation of so called Millennials will become the core customer group from the Caribbean source markets for travel and leisure. They are known to be looking for authenticity when the they visit destinations. They wish to find, understand and experience original culture or at least significant remnants of it. Culture may be one of the highest of values of a territory.



    Bridgetown, Barbados (28 Dec 2017) - This has been a challenging year for Caribbean tourism. While the first half of the year saw exciting growth in both tourism infrastructure and tourist arrivals over the previous year, in September we were hit hard by a series of unusual hurricanes that not only destroyed property, but also took the lives of many of our citizens. We must never forget the souls we lost along the way.

    Physically, we will recover. Our Caribbean people are a resilient population. We will put the bricks and mortar back together and the hotels and vegetation will rise again and shine in the brilliant sunlight.

  • Bartlett to Present the Montego Bay Declaration at UNWTO Conference in Switzerland

    Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett travels to Geneva, Switzerland today (December 17, 2017) , to present the recently unveiled Montego Bay Declaration, to delegates attending the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Closing Ceremony for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017.

    “The Declaration of Montego Bay will become incorporated in the documents and the outcomes of the International Year of Sustainability. This is the perhaps the biggest legacy that we could hope for as a small destination – that our name will be indelibly etched in the lexicon of tourism references so that children yet unborn, will know that Montego Bay existed,” said Minister Bartlett.

    The 15-point Declaration was one of the major outcomes of the recently concluded UNWTO Global Conference on Sustainable Tourism held in Montego Bay from November 27 to 29. It was first presented by Minister Bartlett and Executive Director of the UNWTO, Carlos Vogeler, on November 29 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James.

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  • Knutsford Express opens new depot at Sangster's Airport for Seamless passenger connection

    Montego Bay, St. James, (January 9, 2018). Stressing the need for a seamless connection with arriving and departing passengers, Knutsford Express, officially opened its Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay depot, for luxury bus service and courier service on Tuesday, January 9.

    Dubbed ‘City2City in comfort and style’, the move is also aimed at creating a multimodal environment in the form of a transit hub that international travelers have become accustomed to in major destinations.

    It will also create additional employment as well as improve ease and independence of travel for commuters.

    "Knutsford is a company that prides itself on comfort, safety and reliability,” explained Oliver Townsend, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

  • Rebel Salute Celebrates Silver!

    By Alecia Leon, Staff Reporter

    Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia “Babsy” Grange, says the Rebel Salute show has a massive impact on the Jamaican economy since its inception 25 years ago.

    Speaking at the launch of the 2018 event, which is dubbed the greatest roots reggae show on earth, at the Jamaica Pegasus, in Kingston on Monday December 17, Minister Grange lauded the promoters of the festival, stating that not many similar music events have survived as long.

    "Can you believe its 25 years already? Twenty-five years of awesome entertainment, 25 years of clean, family friendly Jamaican music, 25 years of welcoming the people,” she stated happily.

  • Anguilla Gets Funding to Restore Electricity and Builds Climate Resilience after Hurricane Irma
    Anguilla Gets Funding to Restore Electricity and Builds Climate 
Resilience after Hurricane Irma


    THE VALLEY, Anguilla, Friday December 22, 2017 – The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved over US$5 million in funding to support the Anguilla Electricity Company Limited (ANGLEC) with the complete restoration of its transmission and distribution system which was damaged during the passage of Hurricane Irma in September.

    The severe weather event destroyed poles, transmission lines and transformers, causing notable disruption to Anguilla’s electricity supply. The outage also interrupted the island’s water supply and resulted in the cancellation of numerous hotel bookings.

    “The economic impact of these disruptions has been significant. This project will therefore focus on urgently restoring the transmission and distribution system by financing the purchase of replacement equipment and material needed for complete restoration,” said Daniel Best, Director, Projects Department, CDB.

  • Bartlett is Caribbean Tourism Minister of the Year

    KINGSTON, Jamaica; Monday, December11, 2017: Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett is the Caribbean Tourism Minister of the Year according to the Caribbean Travel Awards 2017, carried out by the Caribbean Journal Editorial team.

    The Caribbean Journal Editorial team in bestowing the award said, “Being an effective tourism official in the Caribbean isn’t just about management and ideas. It’s about being an ambassador. And that’s exactly what Jamaica’s Edmund Bartlett has done so well in this, his most recent term as Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism. Bartlett, who spearheaded Jamaica’s hosting of the UNWTO Conference in Montego Bay last month, has become an exceptionally effective ambassador for the Caribbean tourism brand and Jamaica’s national brand. And that work is joined by Jamaica’s significant recent success in attracting new hotel investment, new airlift, and, most importantly, new visitors.”

    Meanwhile, in addition to congratulating Minister Bartlett, the Tourism Ministry congratulated Round Hill Hotel and Villas for receiving the Caribbean Hotel of the Year award and the newly opened spa at the Jewel Grand Montego Bay Resort and Spa for receiving the Caribbean Spa of the Year award.  

    Caribbean Journal is the world’s largest website covering the Caribbean, with original content and video focusing on travel and tourism across the entire Caribbean Basin.


    Mandeville, Jamaica, W.I. (December 4, 2017) Louis D’Amore, Founder/President of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), has designated 2018 the IIPT International Year Of Community Tourism And Peace in collaboration with Countrystyle/Villages As Businesses.

    In 1994, the IIPT branded Jamaica The Home of Community Tourism in recognition of the two pioneers of the community tourism brand and programmes in 1978 in Mandeville Jamaica, Diana McIntyre-Pike, Founder/President, Countrystyle Community Tourism Network and her late business partner Desmond Henry from Treasure Beach, Jamaica. 

    In 2013, on the recommendation of the IIPT Caribbean Chapter, the IIPT welcomed the Caribbean Region to join as partners. The Caribbean was then also branded "Home of Community Tourism." The IIPT International Year Of Community Tourism And Peace will mark the 40th Anniversary of Community Tourism, which Countrystyle/Villages as Businesses began in Jamaica and is now an international movement. Celebrations in Jamaica will begin on January 1with a Gospel Concert in Apple Valley Park, Maggotty, St Elizabeth, and will continue at the 15th Annual Resource UNIA-ACL Marcus Garvey Fair in Cross Keys, Manchester on February 25. The 2018 IIPT International Year Of Community Tourism And Peace will also commemorate IIPT’s 30th Anniversary Year. 

    In August 2018, the IIPT will hold its Global Summit in Montreal, Canada on the theme “Sustainable Tourism for Development and Peace.” The Summit will bring together delegates from some 50 countries and feature success stories’ and models of best practice from different regions of the world. The IIPT International Year of Community Tourism and Peace will build towards the first Villages as Businesses Conference and Trade Show, to be held in Jamaica in December 2018. This first of its kind event will be hosted by IIPT Caribbean in partnership with the IIPT International Community Tourism Network, UWI Open Campus and other local and international organizations. 

  • Bartlett Announces Gastronomy Ambassador Programme

    A Gastronomy Ambassador Programme has been announced as a significant outcome of the partnership between the Ministry of Tourism’s Linkages Network and the Culinary Federation of Jamaica for this year’s Taste of Jamaica  Culinary Competition and Expo.

    Minister of Tourism, Hon Edmund Bartlett made the disclosure Saturday (December 2) at the opening ceremony for the tenth anniversary staging of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)-sponsored event at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

    Minister Bartlett also announced to his audience of hundreds of patrons at the TEF Taste of Jamaica that through the Ministry’s Gastronomy Network, the top awardees in three competitive areas would become Jamaica’s first gastronomy ambassadors.

    “I am pleased to announce the Gastronomy Network Programme which will see winners of the Chef of the Year (Michael Barnett of Hedonism II), the Pastry Chef of the Year (Oberio Walker of Jewel Paradise Cove) and the Bartender of the Year (Dwayne Barnett of Jamaica Pegasus) in Taste of Jamaica being sent to New York to receive training. The three will then become the first official Ambassadors of Gastronomy of Jamaica,” he said.

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  • Mark Zuckerberg is fighting to save Facebook

    Source: Money

    If there's one thing Mark Zuckerberg has consistently excelled at as Facebook's CEO, it's destroying his enemies.

    When Google (GOOGL) launched Google Plus, a rival social network, Zuckerberg put Facebook(FB) in a state of "lockdown" and informed employees that "Carthage must be destroyed," according to one tell-all book from a former employee.

  • UPS bets on blockchain as the future of the trillion-dollar shipping industry


    The world is run by trade. Freight and logistics in the U.S. alone account for nearly $1.5 trillion annually (2015 data). As the world’s economies scale up, that number is only expected to increase as we become more dependent on the international supply chain for our goods and services.

    The industry, however, is not prepared for growth, as it currently sits on top of a crumbling infrastructure prone to systematic inefficiencies and rampant fraud. Countless intermediaries rake in fees and drive up the price of shipping. The problem is that the complexity and opaqueness of the process make it difficult to put checks and balances in place.

  • Google is rolling out a suite of tools to help news publishers drive more subscription revenue.

     Source: Search Engine Land

    Most online news publications are not able to support themselves with advertising these days. For this reason, among others, Google is yielding to publisher requests and replacing its much-debated “First Click Free” program with what it calls “Flexible Sampling.”

    Content and news publishers will now control whether and how many articles they want to let searchers access before showing a paywall or subscription prompt. The company is also working on an array of other tools to help boost publisher subscriptions.

  • How Marriott Plans To Use Amazon Alexa To Improve The In-Room Experience For Guests – GeoMarketing
    Source: By Lauryn Chamberlain - GeoMarketing

    The hotel chain is exploring ways to improve customer service through voice — while working with Amazon to ensure absolute privacy.

    Marriott is set to test out Amazon Alexa in a number of its hotel properties, Toni Stoeckl, global brand leader for lifestyle brands at Marriott, revealed in a panel at Advertising Week. The move is a bid to provide increased personalization and improved in room service for guests.

    As voice-activated connected device usage has jumped 130 percent over the past year, brands have begun to explore how the technology can be used to drive engagement and improve customer service — and the hospitality industry is in many ways leading the charge.

  • What Social Trends Are Marketers Paying Attention To?

    Source: eMarketer - Rimma Kats

    Many are looking at social messaging and video 

    Social media is providing marketers with an ever-growing litany of media options beyond just display advertising. But which are the most important?

    A new study from The Creative Group polled 400 US advertising and marketing executives, asking them which social media trends they expected to have the greatest effect on their advertising and marketing efforts in 2018.

  • Twitter trials 280-character tweet limit

    Source: BBC News

    Social media site Twitter is trialing longer character limits to help users "easily express themselves".

    Twitter currently limits tweets to 140 characters but has doubled that to 280 characters for a small group of users.

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    By Dr. Tony Vendryes

    For over a quarter of a century, I have promoted prevention as the key to health and wellness. Initially, this message was not received with widespread enthusiasm. Some people even questioned my sanity. Today prevention is at least getting lip service. Wellness Centres are popping up all over, and almost every week you can find a so-called Health and Wellness event sponsored by a corporate, civic or governmental body.

    I had enlisted Benjamin Franklyn’s famous quote “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure” to bring focus to the importance of prevention.

    My thinking has however evolved past that to: “PREVENTION IS THE CURE”


    Without even realizing it, most of us are gravediggers, working hard at digging our own graves with our teeth.  The major causes of premature death are related to what you put in your mouth- what you eat. My personal congratulations to our current Minister of Health and his Ministry for their campaign to seriously promote good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Money well spent. Please don’t stop sir.

    The American Medical Association has estimated that over 70% of all the visits to doctors in the US are for nutritionally related disorders. Here in Jamaica the major killers - heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes are all diet related problems and as a society we are busy eating our way to an early grave.

    The foods and beverages we consume provide two main things. They provide energy to run the various systems of the body and they are the source of the nutrients for building and repairing the body. The energy in food is expressed in units called calories. The ratio between the nutrients and the calories in the foods we eat is very important.  Consuming too many calories with too few nutrients is dangerous to your health.

    The modern habit of overconsuming calorie dense foods has dire consequences even among those who may appear slim and healthy.

  • Breakfast Basic

    Medical research confirms the wisdom of many mothers of yesteryear- ‘eat up your breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day’. But research also indicates that in our modern societies, over 20% of people including children, routinely miss this all-important meal. The percentage may be even higher in Jamaica where adults and children often go without breakfast and end up performing poorly. In an effort to correct this some societies have instituted breakfast feeding programs in their schools. In many Jamaican communities, my team of Wellness Coaches operates Nutrition Clubs that provide a very nutritious breakfast option.

    What makes breakfast so important?

    Eating breakfast is a vital step towards optimal health. Numerous scientific studies have shown that there are many benefits to starting your day with a healthy breakfast. There is good science behind the old adage “Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” Here are some of the reasons:

    It improves your metabolism

    The word breakfast itself tells a story. It literally means to break the fast. A fast is an extended period of time in which one goes without food. We fast each night while we sleep. One way the body responds to fasting is to slow down it’s metabolism. The longer one goes without food, the slower your metabolism becomes. Breakfast ignites your metabolism. Regular breakfast eaters tend to have higher metabolisms and burn more calories to produce more energy.


    Ackees and avocados are two unique fruits in that both have a high fat content, a very unusual feature for a fruit. The misinformed anti-fat propaganda has used this to claim that eating these foods may be unhealthy. Absolutely false statements like “eating ackees will increase a man’s risk of prostate cancer” or “avocados are high in cholesterol” are still being made even by health professionals. On the contrary, these fruits are not only delicious but very healthy food choices. Let’s examine them in detail.


    The scientific name for our national fruit, ackee is Blighia sapida. According to Wikipedia, this name honors Captain William Bligh, an infamous English sailor who took the fruit from Jamaica to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England in 1793 and thus introduced it to botanists. It is originally from West Africa and is related to the lychee fruit. The common name is derived from the West African Akye fufo.

    Health Benefits


    Ancient healing traditions refer to the five elements of nature: air, water, fire, wood, and earth. They explained that our health depended on the balancing influence of all these elements. Modern scientific research shows that mankind could benefit greatly from applying this principle. Let's review how we may use these readily available, natural elements to heal disease and promote optimal health.


    Humans like most animals are totally dependent on oxygen from the air for survival and health. I have written extensively in the past on the power and importance of breathing as it relates to health. Clean fresh air and the use of simple breathing techniques are powerful tools to enhance many bodily functions while providing several mental and psychological benefits as well. Yoga practitioners have long pioneered the use of the breath for healing and wellbeing



    Our society actively promotes excessive drug use. Powerful brainwashing techniques are imposed on us every day to encourage more drug consumption. In addition to the problems from recreation drugs, like alcohol, tobacco, cocaine and cannabis, a deadlier threat looms from the extraordinary increase in the use of prescription and non-prescription medication.

    Benjamin Franklin once said,   "The best doctor gives the least medicines." I would add "Less medicine, more health."  This is what might be called an inconvenient truth.

    Some modern medicines do save lives and alleviate suffering, but their bad side effects often create new illnesses, toxicity and even death. A 2002 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that over two million hospital patients in the US suffered serious drug reactions annually, resulting in over 100,000 deaths. But other research estimated that only 5% of drug reactions are actually reported and that in reality over 400,000 people are killed in America every year by these dangerous chemicals. 

    Some experts now consider adverse drug reactions to be the number one cause of death in the US. The side effects of drugs are also expensive. A 2000 report revealed that the side effects of just drugs used outside of US hospitals cost over $US177 billion for that year.