Removing the Masks Women Wear in Society

 Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. March 8, 2024. Fosuwa Andoh, is a visual griot who uses masks, clay, fabric, multi-media to see life in its true context. She is a native of Ghana, currently living in eastern Jamaica. Fosuwa will be the keynote presenter during the Women’s month program at the TEMPLE OF INNER PEACE, located in Mt. Airey, Negril Hills, Westmoreland, Saturday, March 23, 2024 beginning from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The programme will be hosted by Denise Isis Miller, Radio Personality, Rootsology Radio Show and Sharon Parris-Chambers, author & Co-Founder Temple of Inner Peace.                                                                        

Fosuwa’s presentation will include hands-on experience about identity, self-perception, how we perceive ourselves within the context of the world.  What masks do we wear to hide who we are or are not? We can play both sides. The Visual Griot asks “What is the importance of masks? What do the large eyes and long nose represent in the cannons of African art? In fact, we are really examining, particularly, what women are carrying emotionally, spiritually, and economically.”

When society invests in Women they accelerate progress in every way. Women are the first teachers in the home; they are primary nurturers and most likely the ones who prepare children to enter the system. Afro-centric women, Womanists and the Sacred Feminine all have in common, the basic tenets as creators; they are the “Womb of Creation.”  The visual Griot said she will explore how women apply the knowledge of their power, amongst other things of relevance.

Yoga asanas to heal mind, body and spirit will be presented by King Maji, an experienced Yogi and Singer. Yogini and Sculptor, Jasazii, will teach the “Power of Crystals to Regulate the body” and will feature some of her Gem Sculptures. 

The women will be Serenaded by Calbert Brooks, lead drummer of Calbert & The All Star Drummers. His troupe can be found teaching drumming classes and dancing the second and final Sunday of each month at the Negril Beach Park.

The “Temple of Inner Peace” in Mt Airy, Negril is a hidden Oasis for weary souls needing rejuvenation. In addition to our exciting programme, we will have delicious food. The famous Sherene Gayle’s ‘Red Pea Sip’ will be served. Empress Wisiann, Managing Director, Wissy Wassy Herbal products, will serve up Natural juices, Wraps and other delectable dishes. For more information, contact Sharon Parris-Chambers at +1-876-275-3169.

Sharon Parris-Chambers