High Life Resort & Spa to Launch its Premier Restaurant & Bar

 High Life Resort & Spa to Launch its Premier Restaurant & Bar


High Life Resort and Spa is a luxury hotel likened to a 'Hidden Gem' situated on 30 lush acres of a 180-degree ocean-view property on the deep west end of Negril, West Cliff Estate (Hogg Heaven). The premier Launch of The High Life Restaurant and Bar will be staged on October 13, 2023 from 5:00 pm to 11:00 p.m. World renowned Mutabaruka, Rastafari dub poet, musician, talk show host and actor, will host this momentous occasion.

CEO and founder, Garth Vickers is a Jamaican-born Westmorelite who currently resides in the United States. Garth is a world renown best-selling author, businessman and financial consultant with over 25 years of experience in business, hospitality leadership, food and beverage management. Garth has also worked in leadership positions and has also provided consultation for Super Clubs and Marriotts hotel resorts.

The Resort is a perfect paradise designed to reconnect with nature.  Nestled in the tranquil hills of West End, Negril are our luxuriously, breath-taking resort and villas with modern, high-end touches and design elements, no detail is overlooked. Proudly offering a luxurious EP (Pay As You Go) experience to our guests in a laidback Jamaican Ambiance. High Life Resort and Spa ensures that every style, need and price-point of our guests are met. We strive to take care of all our residents with a holistic and genuine approach because each guest deserves their slice of paradise.

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FESTAC AFRICA and SOAD Sign a Cooperation Agreement to Celebrate Nkrumah Day


On September 20th, 2023, the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) and the organizers of  the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC AFRICA) signed a cooperation agreement; the aim is to reinforce the success of FESTAC AFRICA festival in the years to come.

FESTAC is the world’s largest Pan-African festival. Created in 1966 in Dakar, then in Nigeria in 1977, it has since brought together the greatest personalities of the Black world, including President Senghor, President Obasanjo, Cheikh Anta Diop, Miriam Makeba, James Baldwin, Aimé Césaire, Wole Soyinka, Gilberto Gil, Frantz Fanon, Stevie Wonder, President Hussein Mwinyi, PLO Lumumba and many others.

The second edition of the festival in Lagos, Nigeria (1977) remains the standard to beat for any event by/for African people. The first two editions lasted a whole month, attracting over 16,000 participants and almost 30 heads of state from approximately 70 countries.

Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, SOAD will help the FESTAC AFRICA organizers to contact guests, put together the program, seek funding, and work on greater participation of Africans globally.

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CanEx to Expand with the Caribbean Wellness Expo 2023


Innovative Marketplace Reinforces Emphasis on Incorporating Technology and Driving Better Experiences for Attendees and Exhibitors

Montego Bay, Jamaica. September 13, 2023. CanEx Jamaica celebrates six years with a track record of presenting innovative cannabis and psychedelics workshops and marketplaces for the ‘budding’ entrepreneur or veteran investors. In 2023 CanEx will continue in its role as the leading platform for plant medicine in the region but will also expand by adding its first Caribbean Wellness Expo slated for October 20-22, 2023 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

Describing the expansion towards Wellness, CanEx Founder, Douglas K. Gordon, stated “We feel it is time to put Plant Medicine in a Bigger Context within the Wellness Industry.  The world has shifted, and this is good for cannabis and psychedelics, which are considered emerging industries. We look forward to showcasing a broad range of wellness experiences and opportunities and to declare CanEx 2023 as the place to experience being on the cutting edge of Wellness.”

CanEx presents the Caribbean’s #1 Cannabis and Psychedelics Conference and Wellness Expo 2023. This year’s showcase will host global leaders and industry players who will develop an international platform for expanding the cannabis and psychedelics industries.

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“Temple of Inner Peace™” Launch Rescheduled for Sunday, September 3rd


The Temple of Inner Peace™ is a blissful Oasis and Retreat nestled in the town of Mt. Airy which connects to West Cliff Estate. The estate could be considered an enclave within the last frontier of Western Jamaica.

It is a space where enlightened ones commune and Search for the Sage Within. This search is done during contemplative and quiet times when we retreat from the world to a quiet space in nature. This is what Temple of Inner Peace offers the soul in search of itself.

This Sunday September 3, 2023, Theo and Sharon Chambers, Managing Directors, of the Temple of Inner Peace has invited the Conscious Community to be present for its Launch Exercise beginning at 10:00 a.m. Interested persons are encouraged to call for directions.

The Line up of speakers include: Jasazii (The Healing Value of Gemstones); Maji (The Benefit of Yoga); Sharon Oshun (The Sacred Feminine) and Theo The Imperfect – Perfect Universe. We will have Sandra Bellinfantie to share her wellness products.

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Hanover Chamber of Commerce Gets A Fresh Start


Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica, W.I. August 24, 2023.

At long last, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce has resurfaced from its hibernation.

Professional members of the Lucea, Green Island, Hopewell and other communities are coming together to create the “New Hanover” they want to see.

It is as if a new leaf has been turned with all the changes taking place globally, members are com24g in looking for something different. One member said he did not want to hear a lot of talk, he is ready for action.

This attempt at resuscitation of the Hanover Chamber will work because as Mr. Kingsley Campbell indicated, “you the youth are the ones we are preparing to take over. You must make it work.”

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Jamaica Only Caribbean Nation to Secure Increased Earnings Post-Pandemic - Bartlett      


Jamaica to Triple Visitors from Central and Eastern Europe by 2025

Kingston, Jamaica; Thursday, August 24, 2023: As Jamaica enjoys its best summer tourist season ever, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett has revealed that the island is now the only Caribbean nation to secure increased earnings in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Jamaica is the first and only Caribbean country, within the first year after the COVID-19 pandemic, to not just fully recover but in fact to have increased earnings. The result is that today Jamaica is heading for a record in terms of earnings and is some 10-15% ahead in terms of stopover arrivals, while only lagging in cruise,” Minister Bartlett outlined.

Mr. Bartlett made the announcement as he addressed media representatives in Hungary where he is currently leading a special marketing blitz to promote destination Jamaica amid the staging of the 19th World Athletics Championships underway in Budapest.

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Bartlett says Caribbean is the Bridgehead between Continental Africa and African Diaspora in the Americas

African-Diaspora-Tourism-Summit-Flye_.600X7002 Hon. Minister Ed Bartlett Keynote Issued Release

Kingston, Jamaica; Wednesday, August 16, 2023: With global forecasts positioning travel and tourism as a leading driver of Africa’s economic growth over the next decade, Jamaica’s Minster of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett has highlighted the strategic importance of the Caribbean in engaging members of the African Diaspora domiciled in the Americas to forge stronger partnerships between both regions and benefit from this promising trajectory.

Speaking earlier today at the Africa Diaspora Travel and Tourism Summit where he delivered the keynote address virtually, the tourism minister said, “In 2018, tourist arrivals among African destinations grew by 5.6 %, which was the second-fastest growth rate among all regions and stronger than global average growth of 3.9 %. According to forecasts from World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism’s GDP will grow at an average rate of 6.8% annually between 2022-2032, more than twice the 3.3% growth rate of the region’s overall economy.”

In this regard, Minster Bartlett explained that the Caribbean, comprising predominantly people of African ancestry and being among the most tourism-dependent regions in the world, had the unique opportunity to connect with the African Diaspora and build meaningful tourism linkages geared towards promoting development across borders.

Noting the continent’s youthful population and the positive shifts in the political landscapes of African nations, Minister Bartlett added, “Africa has great potential to become a major force in global tourism. African destinations also have a competitive advantage amid the growing global interest in experiential tourism, especially culture, heritage and adventure.” 

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African Diaspora Tourism Virtual Summit slated for August 16 2023


The African Diaspora Tourism Virtual Summit is slated for August 16 2023 and begins at 10:00 a.m EST. The Summit is produced by The Institute of Tourism and Co-produced by Sharon Parris-Chambers, Minister of Tourism, The State of The African Diaspora (6th Region).

Africa is reaching out to its global Diaspora in unprecedented ways:

Massive Real Estate Developments (PUD), targeting specific demographics (eg. Wakanda City in Ghana TARGETING AFRICAN-AMERICANS; ADVOCACY for the Removal of immigration blockages to remove Visa for entry and Multiple Passports; STAGING more Travel & Trade exchanges between the Continent and the Diaspora.

We want to hear from tourism movers and shakers directly about this phenomenon as it seems destined to shape Tourism for decades to come.

The African Diaspora looks to its Motherland with new eyes and keen interests as world developments push them on to new horizons. Migration from the Continent to Europe is at an unprecedented high.

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Literary and Creative Arts Vital to Jamaica’s Tourism Product – Bartlett

HM-Poetry-Festival-Photo-2 v Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett (left) shares a light moment with event organiser and poet Yasus Afari (right) at the 13th staging of the Jamaica Poetry Festival held at the Louise Bennett Garden Theatre

Kingston, Jamaica; Monday, August 14, 2023: Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett has emphasised the important role the literary and creative arts play in driving success within Jamaica’s tourism sector. Minister Bartlett also highlighted Kingston’s emerging status as a cultural powerhouse regionally and indicated the Ministry’s commitment to continue supporting the growth of the local creative industry.

Addressing last evening’s gathering of the 2023 Jamaica Poetry Festival held at the Louise Bennet Garden Theatre, the tourism minister said, “Tourism is a confluence of moving parts, and our culture, food, music, art and poetry are critical to its overall success. The creative arts and tourism work hand in hand to give visitors unforgettable experiences and keep them coming back. As a result, the tourism ministry is serious about uplifting our creatives and through the Tourism Enhancement Fund and its Linkages Network we have dedicated initiatives to doing just that.”

 The festival was again sponsored by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), event partners for the last two productions. The 13th staging was dubbed the “Arts in Action Edition” and honoured two legendary Jamaicans who contributed significantly to the global recognition of Jamaican art and culture, Louise “Miss Lou” Bennett-Coverley and Harry Belafonte as well as renowned Lebanese American writer, Khalil Gibran.

 In addition to speaking on the harmonisation of the creative arts and tourism, Minister Bartlett also read an excerpt from his 2022 book “Tourism Resilience and Recovery for Global Sustainability and Development: Navigating COVID-19 and the Future” that was co-authored with Prof. Lloyd Waller, Executive Director of the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre (GTRCMC). The tourism minister also performed an original poem entitled “Tourism’s Call, Resilience Siren Song” which explored themes such as the pandemic, adaptability and recovery.

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STATE OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Time: Monday July 31, 2023 5:00 PM London, UK

The days session was opened by a brief address by Madame Zuma on Pan-African Women, followed by Opening remarks from Louis Georges-Tin supporting women empowerment. He thanked Madame Zuma for making SOAD a reality. There were other various panel presentations on female empowerment and protecting the boy and girl child together not one over the other.


1.There is no peace where there is no security. This is a very important point.

2. Agriculture -Food, Security and Environment
3. Water

4. Health & Education

Patriotic Pan African ideology...focus on UNITY.

Back each other up with Ubuntu spirit: I AM because YOU are.

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Millennials Impacting Travel


The influence of millennials on the travel and tourism industry is expected to remain significant for a number of years to come.  https://eturbonews.com/millennials-impacting-travel/

Millennial travelers, also known as Generation Y travelers, are individuals born roughly between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s. As a large demographic group, they have had a significant impact on the travel industry and have unique preferences and characteristics when it comes to exploring the world.

Technology is a Must

Millennials are the first generation to grow up with widespread access to the internet and smartphones. They heavily rely on technology to plan and execute their trips, from booking flights and accommodations to finding local attractions and restaurants.

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Minister Bartlett and Joe Bogdanovich Discuss Strategic Vision for Reggae Sumfest

Bartlett-and-Bogdonovich-Talk-Reggae-Sumfest-2 Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett (right) leads discussion with Reggae Sumfest organizer and CEO of Downsound Entertainment, Joe Bogdanovich (left)

Sumfest and Ministry Teams

KINGSTON, Jamaica; July 7, 2023: Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett (right) leads discussion with Reggae Sumfest organizer and CEO of Downsound Entertainment, Joe Bogdanovich (left) about this year’s staging and the future of the festival. Bogdanovich shared that he and his team are considering taking the Reggae Sumfest brand into overseas markets, creating an additional pull factor for visitors to Jamaica. In keeping with this, Minister Bartlett emphasized that as Sumfest’s strategic vision becomes clearer, the Ministry would be better positioned to plan and provide support towards the festival’s success.

Minister Bartlett (3rd right) and Joe Bogdanovich (centre) were joined by a team from the Ministry of Tourism and its public bodies, which included (L-R) Executive Assistant Tricelle Powell, Advisor Paige Gordon, Director of the Tourism Linkages Network Carolyn McDonald-Riley, Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) Communications and Public Relations Manager Fiona Fennell and Joey Bogdanovich from Downsound Entertainment.


For further information contact:

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Clear deh Road Ayo! We are Transforming Our Caribbean

yoga-to-the-solar-plexus-1024x536 CSA Program Cover Photo
St Croix 3
St Croix 4
St Croix 2
St Croix 1

Media Commentary - For Immediate Distribution.

June 19, 2023, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The jet engine roared “Ayo, Ayo Clear deh Road!” as it hovered over the tarmac and came in for a perfect landing on St. Croix, Virgin Islands, the “cultural capital of the Virgin Islands of the United States,” which is also designated as a National Heritage Area (NHA) decreed by U.S. Congress. I arrived on Friday, June 2nd to join Snt Dr. Chenzira Davis Kahina, CSA President 2022-2023 now CSA Immediate Past President 2023-2024 in preparation for the 47th Caribbean Studies Association Conference organized and hosted for the first time in the CSA’s 49-year history on St. Croix from June 5th to 9th at the Research & Technology Park (CSA2023 Triple Platinum Sponsor) and the Medical Simulation Center (CSA2023 Gold Sponsor) at the University of the Virgin Islands Albert A. Sheen Campus.  

Figure 1 (L-R) Amb. Davika Bissessar & Amb. James Finies w/ Dr. Rhoda Arrindell at UVI AAS STX

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In Jamaica, the Saudi Tourism Minister put a Lime in the Coconut

LIME-IN-THE-COCONUT-ARTICLE-FINAL Lf to Rt. Hon Minister Bartlett, Tourism Minister, Jamaica I was enjoying a delicious Jamaican coconut water in Montego Bay last Sunday with His Excellency Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Minister of Tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

On tour to Caribbean nations, such as the Bahamas, and Barbados, the Saudi Tourism minister stopped in Jamaica last Sunday.

The Hon Minister Bartlett told eTurboNews.: I was enjoying a delicious Jamaican coconut water in Montego Bay last Sunday with His Excellency Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Minister of Tourism for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

It appears the lime was put into the coconut. What this lime is may be up to speculation, but judging from numerous previous meetings between the two ministers in Jamaica and Saudi Arabia, there seems to be more and more reason to dance.

In June last year, Bartlett told eTurboNews:

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Summer Tourism Boom as Celebrities Flock Jamaica

ANJOLIE-AND-MUTA-MAY-28 Lf to Right: Angelina Jolie with Mutabaruka at Calabash Literary Festival in Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Coming out of the best winter tourist season ever, Jamaica is now set to achieve record visitor arrivals for the summer.

“As of May 10, 2023, the island has welcomed just over 1.5 million total visitors, with provisional gross earnings exceeding US$ 1.6 billion for the same period. The 2023 summer is gearing up to be the best summer in the history of tourism in Jamaica,” says Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett.

Already, 1.4 million seats have been secured, representing a 16% increase over the previous best in 2019. Jamaica’s main source market, the United States of America, has locked in 1.2 of these seats. “We are expecting a load factor of some 87.5%, which means that 1.2 million visitors will come to Jamaica over the summer period and will bring revenue of some US$1.5 billion just within that period of June to August,” says Mr Bartlett.

Travel bookings are currently showing a rise of 33% compared to summer 2022 and the anticipated boom is being weighed against Jamaica having welcomed approximately 3.3 million visitors for 2022/23 to register a remarkable recovery of earnings compared to pre-Covid earnings of 2019.

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ROLL BACK ALL Politicians’ Salary increases & NO MORE Promises


Kingston, Jamaica, Tuesday, May 23 2023. The decision of Prime Minister (PM) Holness to decline the 214 per cent increase in his salary now leaves Jamaicans to question whether our Ministers and other Members of Parliament (MPs) have the “higher moral duty” required of political leaders. Jamaican taxpayers will still be left to pay Ja$1.64 billion insalaries for the political directorate over the next 3 years.

Speaking at the Press Conference on Monday, May 22, 2023, the Advocates Network (AN) noted that PM Holness is “particularly moved” by that argument made by many Jamaicans, including the AN, that “politicians have a higher moral duty to act in concert and solidarity with those who are suffering.” The PM also noted that the process of calculating the new salaries has yielded salary increases for ministers that are “considered unfair relative to adjustments of other groups.” He further stated: “…there is also an expectation that politicians must show solidarity with the suffering of the people. Given the stage of the development of our democracy these feelings should not be ignored.” We agree with the PM. Other Ministers and MPs should act accordingly. If one can be rolled back, then ALL salaries for the political directorate can be rolled back!

We also note, however, that the PM made more promises about job descriptions and performance evaluations without public disclosure of the relevant documents. We, therefore, reiterate our call as follows:

1) Immediately disclose the already established series of accountability measures;

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Tourism Peace Monument to be Unveiled in Jamaica

Brooks-Park-dedicated-as-a-Peace-Park Dr Louis D'Amore Center, joined by Community Representatives for the Brooks Peace Park Dedication.

Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTN), in association with the Manchester Peace Coalition (MPCo), the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (COESL), and the Manchester Horticulture Society announce the official unveiling of the first Peace Monument at the Horticultural Grounds, Brooks Park Mandeville in Jamaica on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 2:00 pm.

Countrystyle Community Tourism Network is a member of the World Tourism Network

This Peace Monument was donated by Washington-based NGO HEAVENLY CULTURE WORLD PEACE AND RESTORATION OF LIGHT as a Grant to Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTN)

CCTN partnered with the Manchester Peace Coalition (MPCo) chaired by Dr. Clifton Reid to implement it.

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Redefinition of Tourism Post COVID Needed to Accelerate Growth in the Region

CHTA-Group-Photo-with-Minister-Bartlett2 (HM CHTA): Minister of Tourism, Hon Edmund Bartlett, (3rd R) pauses for a photo at the end of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) Travel Forum Panel held at Sandals Royal Barbados today. Sharing in the moment are (l-r) Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister of Tourism and Transport, Cayman Islands, and Chairman, Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO); Hon. Ian Gooding-Edghill, Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Barbados; President of the CHTA, Mrs. Nicola Madden-Grieg; Marc Melville, CEO, Chukka Caribbean and Renee Coppin, Chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourist Association.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados; Tuesday May 9, 2023: Minister of Tourism, Hon Edmund Bartlett has urged regional tourism stakeholders to redefine the industry in what can now be described as the new post-COVID era.

Speaking at the Caribbean Hotel and Tourist Association’s (CHTA) Travel Forum and Awards Luncheon today at Sandals Royal Barbados, Minister Bartlett said: “In this post-COVID era, we must as a region rethink and redefine the meaning of tourism if we are to maximize our earnings and growth. We must begin to appreciate the fact that tourism is so much more than hotels, cruise lines and attractions and that there are direct, indirect and induced economic benefits in the tourism value chain that can accelerate growth in the region.”

The CHTA Travel Forum, which was held under the theme, “Tourism the Key Driver of Generational Wealth for Caribbean Nationals” included Hon. Kenneth Bryan, Minister of Tourism and Transport, Cayman Islands, and Chairman, Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO); Hon. Ian Gooding-Edghill, Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Barbados, and Marc Melville, CEO, Chukka Caribbean.

“Tourism happens successfully because of all the sectors and subsectors that supply experiences, so there is a strong place for agriculture, technology, health and manufacturing and many more. The real wealth of tourism therefore lies in the capacity to supply on the demands of the industry,” added Minister Bartlett.

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Minister Bartlett Underscores Need to Boost Global Tourism Resilience and Sustainability

Edmund-Bartlett-102522 Jamaica's Minister of Tourism, Honourable Edmund Bartlett

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates; Wednesday, May 3, 2023: Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett has underscored the need to boost resilience and sustainability in the global tourism industry by engaging players of all sizes in the tourism value chain. In providing a template Minister Bartlett outlined several initiatives being undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism and its public bodies to support small and medium tourism enterprises (SMTEs) while “holding them accountable to sustainable business practices aligned with industry standards.”

Speaking during a panel discussion on the margins of the Arabian Travel Market under the theme: “Strategic Sustainability Planning – Where Does the Supply Chain Start?”, the tourism minister said: “The essence of tourism as we know is the small and medium enterprises. They are 80% of the services and the experiences that visitors have when they come to the destination.”

Minister Bartlett also explained how the strategy and policy direction of the Ministry have been positioned to bolster Jamaican SMTEs.

“We spend a lot on training and developing the capacity of small players to be firstly, more creative and innovative and secondly, to be resourced financially. So, we established a JM$1 billion window for lending to small and medium enterprises through the EXIM bank in Jamaica,” stated the tourism minister.

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India in focus as Bartlett cements new markets for tourism growth

India-opens-Tourism-Market-to-Jamaica2 Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett (2nd right) and Director of Tourism, Donovan White (2nd left) shares lens time with Rajeev Nangia (left) Chief Operating Officer of TRAC Representations and Kavi Ghei, Chairman of TRAC Representations.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett is placing special focus on the world’s most populated country, India, as a country from which to pull visitors in coming years. This is part of a renewed campaign to diversify Jamaica’s tourist markets.

Jamaica gets the bulk of its visitors from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

“The Indian market initiatives are now fully on stream. We met with our partners and are beginning engagements later this year. There is a huge market for weddings, there is a confluence of cricket, a rapidly growing middle and upper middle class, over time better flight connectivity, and a very active Indian community in Jamaica itself will drive growth from this increasingly lucrative market,” noted Bartlett.

Bartlett arrived in Dubai on the weekend ahead for the Arabian Travel Market, the largest tourism tradeshow in the Middle East, accompanied by high-ranking team members director of tourism, Donovan White and senior advisor and strategist in the Ministry of Tourism, Delano Seiveright.

Jamaica’s new markets initiatives were initially heavily focused on South America for which significant gains were made just before the COVID-19 pandemic with new nonstop flights by South America’s largest air carrier LATAM between Lima, Peru and Montego Bay, Jamaica and up to 11 weekly flights between Panama City and Jamaica by COPA. The pandemic curbed those gains with Bartlett recently mandating his team to re-engage new markets growth efforts.

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