Bartlett Supports Vision of a Sustainable Tourism Economy by 2030

HM-UN-Oceans-Conference-pub Tourism Minister Hon. Edmund Bartlett and Kenya’s Minister of Tourism, Hon. Najib Balala at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference: Sustainable Coastal and Marine Tourism Launch Event held today (June 29) in Lisbon, Portugal.

KINGSTON, Jamaica; June 29, 2022: Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett has given his support to the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy’s (Ocean Panel) vision of accomplishing a viable tourism economy in less than 10 years.

He was giving the keynote address at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference: Sustainable Coastal and Marine Tourism Launch Event in Lisbon, Portugal, today (June 29).  The Ocean Conference is being held under the theme “Scaling up ocean action based on science and innovation for the implementation of Goal 14: Stocktaking, partnerships and solutions”.

During his address, Minister Bartlett pointed out that “Jamaica fully endorses the goal of the Ocean Panel to achieve a sustainable tourism economy by 2030.”

In reiterating his support, Mr. Bartlett stressed that “the health and sustainability of our oceans are critical to the survival of the tourism industry”, adding that “the role of healthy marine and coastal systems in promoting sustainable tourism is especially worthy of recognition.”

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NDTC Set for 60th Celebrations

beige-flower-aesthetic-rustic-new-blank-template-surprise-florist-gift-love-friendship-card NDTC dancers

Preparations are in earnest for the 60th anniversary season of the National Dance Theater Company of Jamaica (NDTC).

The season which will run over four weekends (Friday to Sunday) from July 22 to August 14 — will showcase works from the group’s repertoire over the past six decades as well as new works specially choreographed for the commemorative year.

Artistic director Marlon Simms told the Jamaica Observer that patrons will be excited by the old favorites which have been revived for this signal anniversary, as well as new works which represent the growth and continuity of the company, co-founded by Rex Nettleford and Eddy Thomas in 1962, the year Jamaica gained independence from Great Britain.

“The preparations and rehearsals are intense at this time. Having been off the stage at this level for the past two years due to the pandemic means that there is a level of relaxation among the members of the company, which is understandable. So I have to meet them where they are, and encourage them to get to desired levels, because the truth is there has been no need to demand this level of rigor on their bodies over the past two years. We have to awaken the spirit and get them to that level,” Simms shared.

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Jamaica Branches out into the Asian Market


Jamaica is in the process of tourism recovery and is looking to expand its market to include the Asian market. In an exclusive interview with India Outbound at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, Edmund Bartlett, the Minister of Tourism, said he hopes to use the Middle East as a springboard to reach the Asian market. When asked what Jamaica’s objectives are in the Arabian Travel Market, Bartlett stated that Jamaica is looking at the Middle East Market as a gateway to reach Asia, especially India, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Jamaica, Bartlett commented is using this as an opportunity to engage the big countries of the GCC Qatar, Emirates, and Saudia. He noted Jamaica is very Strong in North America and developing in South America but nonexistent in the Asia market, which he hopes to change. He noted that the discussion with Emirates is not only a good opportunity for Jamaica, but for the entire Caribbean. It will have a ripple effect as they will have access to these travelers through Jamaica. Multi-destination tourism has also become a part of the conversation to ensure everyone in the Caribbean benefits from the deal. The first quarter of the 2022 tourism season, he contented, started off slow because of the Omicron variant, it eventually picked up in February and March they were seventy-eight percent of 2019 levels. The summer, he predicts will prosper because of summer travel from the US and Jamaica to sixty (60) celebrations that will see Jamaicans in the diaspora coming from all over to join the celebrations.

The United States he notes is the biggest contributor to the tourism market in Jamaica with a one-hundred and seventy-three (173) percent increase from the US market in the quarter so far. India, he notes, is the next big oyster for Jamaica, and is one of the major countries in Asia, Jamaica is trying to reach. Due to Jamaica's various offerings as a destination for weddings and families, he knows the Indians will gravitate to the country. He notes that while cruise tourism plays an important role in Jamaican offering, stop-over arrivals are at the heart of the sector. It is still essential, he notes, as it provides instant convertible capabilities for the ordinary man in the country. It is also used as an opportunity to convert from a cruise to a longer stay.

Source: Media India Group.

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Fighting Crime – The Way Forward

jamaica-military-in-montego-bay-jamaica Members of the JDF - Source: News Americas Now

“One love, one heart,
Let’s get together and feel alright”

From the country that the “no problem, mon” motto has sprouted from, seems to alight frequent and senseless crimes, especially murders. The most recent news gripping the hearts of the Jamaican people was the traumatising killing of Kemisha Wright and her four children in Clarendon. The questions that are now on the tongues of every citizen appear to be, “When will it stop?”, “When will the government orchestrate a feasible crime plan?” and “When will hanging return?” However, we must pause to release that the problem with crime in the Jamaican society is everyone’s prerogative. The solution to the crime problem rests within our homes, schools, and communities.

It is said that “the home is where the heart is” and “there’s no place like home.” Indeed, a child spends the first years of his/her life at home where the first stage of socialisation is said to take place. A child is a product of their home as it is easy to tell what happens at home in interactions with children, as they tend to be less filtered about sharing the undiluted facts. This then behoves us to make a conscious effort in raising the children in the homes, not to expose them to harmful content or praise negative behaviours when they are performed. Children, once they reach a stage of understanding, should be involved in the tenets of life and be taught to make a positive contribution to society. When the lyrical content of the music at a two-year-old’s birthday party can be promoting drug abuse, crime, and illicit sexual activities, it is rather inevitable that such a child will grow up neglecting these ideas. When violence becomes a child’s preferred mode of conflict resolution then the problem is now seen outside of the home setting.

Another key component in the upbringing of a child is his/her involvement in the school system. The classroom is a culmination of various ideologies which were developed from the different homes. There now arises a battle of belief systems which continues throughout the stages of education. When negativity and corruption gain societal acclaim, children who have been subscribed to this philosophy from the home, will showcase this behaviour and the element of peer pressure will promote these undesirable behaviours. The teachers are now responsible to ensure that they not only teach from the book but from the heart and help to instil good moral principles. This element too is under attack since some teachers have accepted the popular notion of individuality, where they are no longer concerning with others but themselves. Although one may detest the argument, it is understandable for this reaction since the children have a stronger home base and are unapologetic in attacking those who should be respected, including teachers. As much as the school is responsible, the spotlight is still on the home’s responsibility.

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Remembering Ancestor Quao at the Spanish River

Ceremony-at-Spanish-River2 Celebrating Quao Day

In a five-day Charles Town Maroon celebration entitled Sankofa and the Healing of Indigenous Maroon people, Land and Culture, Day 3 was recognised as Quao Day. The celebration was hosted by Okomfo Afua Fofie (Carol Miller) and foundiing DIrector of Sankofie. Colonel Marcia Douglas brought Greetings (Akwaaba).

Quao was a brilliant and strategic military leader who, along with Nanny, his Sister, and other Maroons fought the British in the first Maroon War 1728 -1940 to gain freedom from an oppressive system that dominated them. In fact Okomfo Fofie (Nana Fofie) said Nanny, and her brothers Accompong, Cudjoe, Johnny and Quao arrived as freed persons with a desire to resolve the issues related to enslavement and gross mistreatment of their people.

Nana Fofie offered libations then facilitated a group prayer activity which required groups to be formed. An egg, representing life, and unity was held and individual prayers made before releasing the egg to Oshun, River Goddess of Sweet Water, also known as Mame Wata in Jamaica. The writer belonged to a group with a beautiful infant baby girl and her parents who were invited to the ceremony so that she would get an early immersion into her cultural heritage. The baby was passed from hand to hand and messages whispered in her ears while she slept peacefully. Paulette Simmonds, CEO of Steppin Out Loud begain the prayers and she was given the the egg and a feather to say the closing prayer, everyone entered the water and Paulette deposited the egg in the water. It was a rewarding group experience of love and unity. 

The Spanish river, filled with lore of whirlpools and river spirits was one of the places in nature that helped Quao to win this war. Libations were poured, th
e abeng blown, and Djembe drums sounded the language of the spirits, as our Maroon warriors were remembered and honoured by those who "were chosen by the Ancestors to be present."


Hope Heaven, Writer

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8th Anniversary of Gaamaa Enstoolment of Gloria Simms

Mama-Fyah-and-Gaamaa-Gloria-at-Maroon-Festival206222022 Mama Fyah and Gaamaa Gloria Simms

Gaamaa Stool2

GaaMaa Gloria Simms and Mama Fyah, are two spiritual stalwarts in the Maroon and Rastafarian community. Gamaa Gloria commemorated the 8th Anniversary of Gaamaa Enstoolment, Wedneday, June 22, 2022, Asafu Yard, Charles Town, Portland.

The event is to recognise the role and significance of the Gaamaa as a Spiritual, Political and Cultural leader for the Maroon Communities and as a pillar of the Maroon nation. The aim of the title is to maintain communication with ancestors who provide direction for the community. This is not unusual for Indigenous peoples such as the Taino, Aboriginal or African cultures to have spiritual leaders who bring messages from the Ancestors and can be seen as an added value in the age of modernity.

The Gaamaa stool surrounded by a Tribute of Fruit

Mama Fyah, is a Warrioress who commemorates the Ethiopian Battle of Adwa in Portland annually on March 1st. She was a guest speaker who brought greetings at the Festival. They are seen here in conversation at the maroon celebration titled Sankofa and the Healing of Indigenous Maroon People, Land and Culture.

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Lopesan Costa Bavaro - Best All-Inclusive in DR

hotel-designer Lopesan Costa Bavaro Resort Spa & Casino in the Dominican Republic

I’m taking an evening walk through a winding, palm-lined avenue.

I walk by a cinema and a French brasserie, a luxury goods shop, a cigar and rum lounge and an artisanal coffee shop. Families and couples stroll by as a DJ spins Latin music for the evening. 

This could be the Bal Harbour Shops, or a Spanish village, or a high-end shopping plaza in Palm Beach or California. 

But it’s not. It’s in the heart of an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana. 

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Single-Visa arrangement for CARICOM proposed by Bartlett

bartlett-pic Tourism minister welcoming first commercial flight at the Ian Fleming Intl Airport

KINGSTON, Jamaica— Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett, says a single-visa regime among Caricom member countries should be the next critical consideration in rationalising entry protocols in the region.

“[This is] for touristic purposes and can be provided for visitors coming into your space for 30 days or three days… a simple platform that allows everybody and anybody to apply for a Caricom visa that allows you entry into all the Caricom countries,” the minister said.

He was speaking at the inauguration of scheduled commercial flights into the Ian Fleming International Airport, at Boscobel, St Mary, on Thursday, June 16.

Bartlett said the region needs to adopt a new approach to air transportation and develop new ideas about collaboration, using the support of today’s technology.

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Five (5) ways Procrastination can ruin hopes and dreams.

Pink-Social-Media-Marketing-Social-Media-200--200-px The cycle of procrastination

We have all struggled with procrastination in one way or another, whether it is putting off important work or delaying simple tasks around the house. We are all guilty of it, we even try to compensate for it by saying everybody does it. Procrastination can get to the point where it can pigeonhole someone into a very unsuccessful life. This can happen because people are unmotivated to move forward, and they eventually give up on their dreams. Here are five ways procrastination ruins your quality of life and some hacks on how to stop procrastinating.

Goals Become Hard to Achieve.

The human body prefers a state of comfort, that is why every time someone sets out to achieve a task whether personally or professionally there is a feeling to remain neutral. Procrastination makes it hard to achieve short-term and long-term goals, which reduces the possibility of people getting a better life for themselves.

  • First, find out the reason you procrastinate.
  • Then break down goals into achievable objectives which are easier to complete.

Procrastination causes you to lose time.

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10 Skills Needed To Win In The 21st Century

IMG_18062022_202903_200_x_200_pixel The future of innovation

Over the last decade, the respective governments have pushed vision 2030. Which is to make Jamaica the place to live, work , raise families and do business. While this is an idyllic situation, little effort has been put into making this dream a reality. Which begs the question, is this only a dream fed to the masses to sound progressive by the respective governments? The novel coronavirus forced us to adapt to new changes and while some progress was made, it was done in haste and more improvements need to be made. For real change to happen, the government must emphasize personal development in the form of different skills that can then be translated to make vision 2030 a reality. If safe environments are created to facilitate and foster these skills, vision 2030 may be a reality.

Commendations must also go to the government for trying to create some training programs like (HEART/Trust NTA) to teach youths a certain skill set, but most of the skills worth getting are micro-skills or soft skills. If they can master these skills, the big skills will be easier to conquer and will also create innovators that will drive the country forward. Here is a top ten (10) run down of the different skills needed to win in the 21st century. 
Communication skills: Learning how to communicate effectively with others.

For effective communication to take place, the information being transmitted must be understood and the communication being made must be clear. Imagine having a good idea but because of poor communication skills, you are not understood. This effective communication must be pushed as an important skill set to possess. 

Learn to lead: Learn to get people excited about an idea. As the adage goes, the 'future belongs to the brave'.

 The future is going to need leaders who get people excited about an idea and lead them forward. For change to happen, people must be taught how to lead, which can pave the way for innovation to happen. 

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Marketing – A Dying Discipline?

AI Marketing is as important as robots

Almost everyone is supposed to have some knowledge of marketing, whether it be by direct, hands-on experience in studying and practicing the various principles or being a marketing representative or even by being enticed to partake of something that was well marketed. Evidently, the importance of marketing is far-reaching as it educates individuals about things that are important and, in some cases, not important to them. Essentially, marketing describes any venture to promote and sell products and services which means it takes place constantly and, in many forms, since we are always in need of a product or service.

Throughout the centuries, a variety of approaches including strategic planning and a high human effort have been taken to appeal to the targeted audience groups. Presently, with the prevalence of digitisation, flyers, posters, billboards, and town criers have taken an electronic turn. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken a ‘predictive’ stance in our everyday lives, from auto-correct to video recommendations to the brand of water we would be most likely inclined to drink. While this has proven to be a remarkable breakthrough in civilization and technology, the compelling question that arises is, “So, why do we still need a marketing team?”

If an algorithm is able to gather an individual’s information, ascertain such a one’s needs, wants and desires, then market goods and services that are relevant and effective to that person, there would be no need to waste resources on people who have been doing the same thing… right? Wrong. Here’s why.

Regardless of the influx of humanoid robots in this present time, the human element will always be irreplaceable, and the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us that – the hard way. We must remember that it is the human effort that has developed the software through with the algorithms perform. While the principles and practices that are being learnt are effective, stronger technological methods must be implemented to make marketing sustainable. One solution could be for marketers to learn the coding techniques for these computer systems, nodding to even more efficient AI suggestions. It then behoves marketers globally, to apply the very principles of marketing to enhance their personal brand and secure a sustainable career.

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Caribbean Culture – the Catalyst of Post-Pandemic Entertainment

Carnival in Motion Carnival in Motion. Photo Credit: Russ Ensley

All it took was one quarantined pandemic for people to acknowledge their need for diversity regarding entertainment options. With stage shows, parties, and concerts being halted, the need arose to use the abounding online world to provide entertainment that would not worsen the global situation. This highlighted the resilience of the Caribbean people, in using a popular Jamaican proverb, to “tek yuh han tun fashion”.

Caribbean culture has been spread through online platforms mainly with the use of social media. Some of these platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the key one being TikTok. Aspects such as language, music, and dance, have lit up a world that seemed to go dull at the onset of the pandemic. Although there are some tenets that we would not want to be highlighted, others have taken these taboo and ostracized beliefs to formulate trendy and appreciated content.

The potential of Caribbean culture to “take over the world” is unquestionable, however, it needs to be encouraged by the various government agencies and given a considerable level of priority. By using our strengths to receive profit, we secure a sustainable economy which benefits the region financially and otherwise. When we tap into the vast potential that lies within the Caribbean streets, then we will recognize that we possess all we need to enhance our situation.

Source: Alethia Campbell

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Pan African Roots Synergy Summit

roundtable-group-1-980x551-1 Members of the Pan African Roots Synergy Delegation

The Summit was spearheaded by the Organizing & Planning Committee of the Roundtable: Professor Dr. David Horne, President of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC), Archbishop Dr. Chidiebere Anelechi Ogbu, President of The African Diaspora Union (AFRIDU) and Mrs. Grace Abena James, “Right To Return Alliance” along with the representation of various Pan-African organizations and AFRICORA/SOAD represented by VPM Keturah Amoako and the SOAD members resident in Ethiopia discussed and deliberated for 4 days the Diaspora Declaration of 2012 ratified by the AU Heads of State.

At the end of the 4 days, two documents were produced in response to the Diaspora Declaration which will be submitted to the relevant AU organs, more particularly, CIDO and ECOSOCC.

These documents can be read here:-


The Roundtable Committee and all organizations represented are hopeful that CIDO and ECOSOCC will act upon the recommendations and necessary actions as detailed in the documentation to ensure greater involvement, participation, and representation of 6th Region Pan-African organizations, NGOs, and entities to fully integrate within the organs of the AU and to ensure that the 6th Region will have a permanent and consistent presence at the AU table.

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Eliminate A.N.T. Brain Fog

ANT-PHOTO-FINAL Eliminate A.N.T. Brain Fog

Do you sometimes too often choose to act on the negative thoughts surfing in your mind? You can eliminate Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.T.) through Cognitive Behavior Therapy, an effective therapeutic intervention developed by Psychiatrist Aaron Beck.

You can learn how to cancel negative thoughts and reset with more meaningful, purposeful and life-enhancing thoughts within 21 days. Begin to practice now to be alert, pay attention to your thoughts, cancel negative ones and reset with new thoughts. This is a powerful tool to rewire the brain’s neuronal network by forging new pathways. It can be done in 21 days according to research; you will create more positive changes in your brain as well as your life.

Strategies for Eliminating A.N.T.:

List your recurring A.N.T. thoughts.

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SOAD ERS Advocacy Leading the Way out of Crisis


Earthquake victims

June 10, 2022, Panama City, Panama.

State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) Emergency Response ERS has been working behind the scenes to assist African Students in Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic to relocate, resettle and bring some normality back to their lives.

SOAD is a borderless State formalized at the Africa Union Summit in Mauritania on July 1, 2018. It is responsible for the welfare of its citizens in the Diaspora and continental Africa.

SOAD ERS command center is providing crisis management in the evacuation and resettlement of African students from Ukraine, victims of the Esmeraldas Earthquake and Rehabilitation of Ukraine Orphans.

Ambassador, Olasubomi (Ola) Iginla Aina, MBE, SOAD and a Director for Lightup Foundation, UK has displayed outstanding bravery in the face of danger during her recent mission to rehabilitate Orphans in Lviv, Ukraine. Recently, Ambassador Ola’s selfless work has resulted in her appointment as Minister of Youth for SOAD. She has also reported that Germany is resettling its African Migrant Students, several have been awarded €350. She did not waste any time to forge new linkages. In her new capacity, Her Excellency made official courtesy calls on two former Nigerian Presidents – His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria in her new capacity. Excellency Ola Aina also sought much needed scholarships for African Students.  In addition, Goodwill Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Tingling, based in New York, also assisted with Scholarships.

The ERS has procured financial assistance for African Students in Budapest, Hungary. However, more funds and support are greatly needed from humanitarian organizations, churches and volunteers to offset the growing need for accommodation for students in Budapest and Czech Republic. ERS is also providing advocacy with immigration matters as some students are facing possible deportation.

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SOAD Minister of Youth, Just back from Ukraine, Initiates Discussions with Two Former Nigerian Presidents

Minister-Youth--Jonathan-Goodluck1 Her Excellency Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE and His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR, GCON

Recently appointed as a Minister of Youth of the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD), Her Excellency Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE, has just initiated discussions with two former presidents of Nigeria: His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo and His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan . The topic of these briefings was the situation of the African students who were in Ukraine and had to evacuate the country. Currently, the Minister of Youth is discussing with former president Obasanjo about the need of scholarships for these African students.

Ambassador Olasubomi, a Director of Lightup Foundation, who was then a SOAD ambassador, organised a tour of European nations that share a border with Ukraine. This initiative was to ensure that African refugees would receive the necessary support they required for evacuation, to help identify needs and see how such needs could be urgently met.

The Ambassador went to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary Germany and Romania. In two of these countries, she helped the communities to call the media and to organise the fundraising activities that were so necessary. She also engaged with universities such as Cyprus International University CIU which has provided scholarship support for students fleeing the
war in Ukraine.

Also, in Germany, the Ambassador helped the refugees to manage the situation in a context where they could not understand what they were asked to sign, because of the langage barrier, and some of them had their travel documents seized.  She advocated for the release of all seized documents, after several advocacies, the German government acknowledged they were wrong and returned all seized documents. As at today many of the refugees in Germany have been registered and they are currently receiving €350/month from the German government.

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Keturah Amoako, SOAD VP, Attends Africa Day Global Diaspora Summit Anniversary

VPM-Keturah-Ambassador-Jasmin-et-al_500x366 Left to Right : Melkamsera Fekadu, Keturah Amoako, Jasmin Rowe, Kemuel Guthrie at the African Union Headquarters

The 25th May, 2022 marked World Africa Day 10th Year anniversary of the Heads of State and Government, Representatives of the AU, the West Indies, Latin and South America and varied representatives from the African Diaspora who met during the Global African Diaspora Summit in Sandton, Joburg, South Africa and the historic adoption of the AU-African Diaspora Declaration concerning the Diaspora, 6th Region of Africa.

The Diaspora Declaration can be read here :  30970-doc-global_diaspora_summit_declaration-e

The Roots-Synergy Roundtable which invited Pan-African organisations, civil society organisations, NGOs, CBOs, etc. has taken the initiative to come together to discuss and review 10 years after the Declaration was made and what decisive action or developments have been mobilised or achieved by the AU since its ratification.

The Pan-African Roots Synergy was initiated and spearheaded by Dr. David Horne of the Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus; Dr. Barryl A. Blekman of the AU African Diaspora 6th Region FWG Europe; Dr Chidebere Anelechi Ogbu of African Diaspora Union and Mrs Grace Abena James of 6th Region African Diaspora Alliance in Tanzania.

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SOAD Newly Appointed Minister of Finance and Minister of Youth


The Prime Minister of the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) is pleased to announce the nomination of two new Ministers of Government.

The new Minister of Finance was already an Ambassador of SOAD. Coming from Morocco and the United States, he is an international expert in finance, global assets management, and currencies. He served as special advisor to the former UN Secretary General, Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, also as special advisor to the former President of the EU Parliament, Dr Enrique Baron Crespo, and he is currently CEO and Chairman of Titanium Capital Mining Corporation.

The new Minister of Youth was also an Ambassador of SOAD, she has been very active in supporting African students evacuated from Ukraine and relocated in Eastern Europe. She has travelled to Ukraine in April, visiting 11 Orphanages. She has successfully established a support network for several families there. She has worked for many years supporting and empowering young people and the disadvantaged in Nigeria and in UK. In 2019, Ambassador Ola was appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom as a Member of the Excellent Order of the British Empire MBE. She was also appointed by the Nigerian government as the First Diaspora Ambassador to Nigeria.

 -Source: SOAD News as SOAD ERS

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THEOism Daily Quotes - May 14, 2022

THEOism is a lifestyle that welcomes open conversations where the art of Critical Thinking and democratic debates is the core mission. 

It Is Better To Debate A Question Without Settling It
Then To Settle A Question Without Debating It

May 14

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Bartlett Calls for Full Debate on Tourism Recovery Challenges


New York, USA; May 4, 2022: Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett today called for a full debate at the United Nations and relevant agencies on the challenges to tourism recovery, with a focus on resilience-building through funding for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) that are highly tourism-dependent but weakly resourced.  He noted that the issue of supply chain disruptions in terms of goods and services as well as human capital, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had made the prospects of an equitable recovery challenging. Minister Bartlett was delivering his keynote address at the United Nations General Assembly Roundtable today under the theme “For People: Leaving No One Behind Through Inclusive Tourism”. It was part of the General Assembly’s High-level Thematic Debate on “Putting Sustainable and Resilient Tourism at the Heart of an Inclusive Recovery” held at the UN Headquarters, New York. The debate was organized in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


For further information contact:

Corporate Communications Division

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June 10, 2022, Panama City, Panama. State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) Emergency Response ERS has been working behind the scenes to assist African Students in Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic to ...
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02 October 2020
Health & Wellness
Personal Development
 Stress is a natural part of our daily lives, once you have to make a decision, some level of stress is felt, whether it's deciding what to wear to work, what to eat, what mode of transport to ta...
Mark Purai
03 October 2021
Travel & Tourism
The Gleaner - Gareth Davis Sr.   PORT MARIA, ST MARY Eventually, protection from COVID-19 will have to be a personal responsibility, as the Government cannot continue the containment protocols fo...
Mark Purai
03 May 2021
Travel & Tourism
          Multi-family Homes Provides Good Entry Into Real Estate Investing.   There are many reasons why buying a multi-family homes makes sense. Purchased properly, the...
Britany Forsythe
16 December 2020
Health & Wellness
Castor Oil and Olive Oil are popular in many Jamaican homes and many have yet to unlock and utilize the hidden benefits behind these products.  Olive Oil is pressed and extracted from the olive f...
Nordia Panther
02 April 2021
Caribbean News
It has sauntered to many people’s doorsteps and others sit in terror as they hope that they will never one day be as unfortunate. The hope is that luck will not run out on that 84 year old grandmother...
Theo Chambers
15 April 2021
Financial & Fintech
By Shelly Palmer As of this writing, Coinbase's market cap exceeds $86 billion. (I won't weigh in on the Wall Street aspects of this direct listing on Nasdaq; you can find that info online.) Quick fac...
Sharon Parris Chambers
26 August 2021
Travel & Tourism
Caribbean News
In the aftermath of the Marcus Garvey Day (August 17), which is now on the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) official calendar, we would like to thank Ambassador Sharon Parris-Chambers, who organiz...
Sharon Parris Chambers
11 September 2021
Travel & Tourism
Health & Wellness
The Caribbean countries of Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines have gathered 3,500 kg of medical supplies to be sent to the largest country in the Caribbean, C...
Kristen Francis
18 November 2021
Social Media
There has been a growing interest in short videos, which has been adopted by almost every social media platform. YouTube has started sharing a regular “Shorts Report” to provide updates on what’s tren...