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June 10, 2022, Panama City, Panama.

State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) Emergency Response ERS has been working behind the scenes to assist African Students in Hungary, Germany and Czech Republic to relocate, resettle and bring some normality back to their lives.

SOAD is a borderless State formalized at the Africa Union Summit in Mauritania on July 1, 2018. It is responsible for the welfare of its citizens in the Diaspora and continental Africa.

SOAD ERS command center is providing crisis management in the evacuation and resettlement of African students from Ukraine, victims of the Esmeraldas Earthquake and Rehabilitation of Ukraine Orphans.

Ambassador, Olasubomi (Ola) Iginla Aina, MBE, SOAD and a Director for Lightup Foundation, UK has displayed outstanding bravery in the face of danger during her recent mission to rehabilitate Orphans in Lviv, Ukraine. Recently, Ambassador Ola’s selfless work has resulted in her appointment as Minister of Youth for SOAD. She has also reported that Germany is resettling its African Migrant Students, several have been awarded €350. She did not waste any time to forge new linkages. In her new capacity, Her Excellency made official courtesy calls on two former Nigerian Presidents – His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria in her new capacity. Excellency Ola Aina also sought much needed scholarships for African Students.  In addition, Goodwill Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Tingling, based in New York, also assisted with Scholarships.

The ERS has procured financial assistance for African Students in Budapest, Hungary. However, more funds and support are greatly needed from humanitarian organizations, churches and volunteers to offset the growing need for accommodation for students in Budapest and Czech Republic. ERS is also providing advocacy with immigration matters as some students are facing possible deportation.

Earthquake victims
A 5.8 Richter Scale Earthquake struck along the coast of Esmeraldas, Ecuador March 26, 2022 causing death, extensive damage to houses, buildings and infrastructure. The report is that over 1,200 families are affected. The devastation which has left, for over two months, families waiting for help and resources. SOAD ERS has established the Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Fund in association with our Coalition Partner In the Black to assist earthquake survivors are still in need of food, water, clothes and accommodation. Donate here: http://wu.to/Q7XlT2

Although Ecuador Minister of Housing has pledged resources to rehabilitate families, leaders on the ground said that much more is needed as many families are on the verge of eviction when their one-month accommodation ends. Your support and advocacy will help bring change. Please Act NOW!

The SOAD ERS, was created through a government decree and is comprised of Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, Organizations and Volunteers. The ERS is led by Melvin Brown, General Director of the Command Centers and President of SOAD Parliament.

Contact: Melvin Brown
General Director of SOAD ERS Command Centers
+1-011 (507) 6606-1260
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Theo Chambers
ERS Communication Team Coordinator
+1(876) 310-6612
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