Marketing – A Dying Discipline?

AI Marketing is as important as robots

Almost everyone is supposed to have some knowledge of marketing, whether it be by direct, hands-on experience in studying and practicing the various principles or being a marketing representative or even by being enticed to partake of something that was well marketed. Evidently, the importance of marketing is far-reaching as it educates individuals about things that are important and, in some cases, not important to them. Essentially, marketing describes any venture to promote and sell products and services which means it takes place constantly and, in many forms, since we are always in need of a product or service.

Throughout the centuries, a variety of approaches including strategic planning and a high human effort have been taken to appeal to the targeted audience groups. Presently, with the prevalence of digitisation, flyers, posters, billboards, and town criers have taken an electronic turn. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken a ‘predictive’ stance in our everyday lives, from auto-correct to video recommendations to the brand of water we would be most likely inclined to drink. While this has proven to be a remarkable breakthrough in civilization and technology, the compelling question that arises is, “So, why do we still need a marketing team?”

If an algorithm is able to gather an individual’s information, ascertain such a one’s needs, wants and desires, then market goods and services that are relevant and effective to that person, there would be no need to waste resources on people who have been doing the same thing… right? Wrong. Here’s why.

Regardless of the influx of humanoid robots in this present time, the human element will always be irreplaceable, and the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us that – the hard way. We must remember that it is the human effort that has developed the software through with the algorithms perform. While the principles and practices that are being learnt are effective, stronger technological methods must be implemented to make marketing sustainable. One solution could be for marketers to learn the coding techniques for these computer systems, nodding to even more efficient AI suggestions. It then behoves marketers globally, to apply the very principles of marketing to enhance their personal brand and secure a sustainable career.

Source: Alethia Campbell

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