Twitter says up to 8 accounts had all their data downloaded during its giant hack suggesting the hackers were after more than just Bitcoin

Twitter_CEO Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
  • Twitter gave an update late on Friday on its investigation into the highly visible hack of dozens of verified accounts on Wednesday.
  • Twitter said 130 accounts were targeted, of which 45 had their passwords reset and tweets sent by the hackers.
  • Up to eight accounts also had their data fully downloaded by hackers. None were Verified accounts, the company said.

The hackers who hijacked dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts this week may have had a second, less visible purpose.

The hack took place on Wednesday when the hackers successfully gained access to accounts belonging to public figures, including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Kim Kardashian, as well as some company accounts like Apple and Uber.

Hijacking these accounts, the hackers tweeted out a Bitcoin scam, asking followers to send Bitcoin to a specific wallet address and promising to send back double the amount.

Twitter said on Friday that it believed 130 accounts were affected by the hack and that only a "small subset" actually tweeted anything.

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