The AKL LUMI, A Powerful Currency for Trade and Economic Empowerment



MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA- March 18, 2021- A virtual press conference, which was facilitated by members of the State of the Africa Diaspora (SOAD) and the Economic Community of the Sixth Region (ECO-6) was held on March 11, 2021 with the aim of sensitizing the media on all there is to know about the AKL LUMI.

The AKL LUMI Stimulus, from its very inception was deemed a priority to stimulate the Pan-African economy of training entrepreneurship, skills development, business, healthcare, social economic growth, goods and services.

The Regional Vice President for the Americas, Melvin Brown commenced the event by giving an outline of the development plans that the SOAD is working to execute, some of these are: 1 billion AKL LUMIS to assist farmers and their families in the Diaspora, plans to tackle food security issues and also showcased about several successful pilot programs in the Americas. He also provided details about the issuance of the stimulus package started in October 2020 and ending October 2023. In addition, he noted that business owners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to register on the Swifin Platform at https://platform.swifin.com/ to receive the equivalent of US$10,000 in LUMI in terms of line of credit.

Dr. Linus Ebute who is the creator of the Swifin Platform underscored that they have created the infrastructure through which the AKL LUMI can be distributed so that it reaches everyone regardless of where they are and in real time payments. “The LUMI will be sent directly into your Swifin account each month and you can use it to pay others from your account,” he stated. The State of the African Diaspora’s spokesperson, Deandrea Hamilton informed the attendees that there are people in Jamaica that are already accepting payments in AKL LUMI for their services. This served as a reassurance to persons who were unaware of the impact the LUMI has had in Jamaica. Dr. Ebute also added that persons can purchase various items on the LUMI marketplace at https://lumipreneurs.com/store/ and form relationships with other business owners to start trading.

Chief Semako I otherwise known as Timothy McPherson, Chairman of the Economic Community of the Sixth Region and the creator of the AKL LUMI, said that we are in a new economic era. He posited that “the LUMI as a currency of the continent and its 6th region will bring economic stability.” There is approximately eighty percent (80%) of people who do not have access to a bank account. The LUMI gives access to and allows people to experience economic freedom in a world where only one percent (1%) has ever been offered that opportunity.

Deandrea Hamilton emphasized that SOAD is very proud of the Jamaican contingent because they have moved most progressively as a nation to embrace the LUMI by getting businesses involved so that there is trading and sharing. The LUMI has also been used as a tool to ensure that Jamaicans are in a position to engineer their own financial success. These successes will not only benefit Jamaica or the Caribbean region, but it will assist in the commencement of leveraging themselves so that they can help people on the continent of Africa. “This is the goal, this is the dream, this is progress and this is the movement,” she stated.

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