LUMI Stimulus, Economic Liberator for the African Diaspora

LUMI Stimulus, Economic Liberator for the African Diaspora

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 (Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.)  The State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) held its first Jamaica Virtual Press Conference on March 11, 2021. The conference explored ‘Everything you need to know about the LUMI,’ a thirty-six-month stimulus package which began the distribution of the AKL LUMI Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) since October 28, 2020 and ends September 28, 2023.

The information session equipped Jamaicans to access and take full advantage of the opportunity for economic independence. The stimulus marks the genesis of a global economic transformation for all Jamaicans and by extension, the entire African Diaspora. SOAD’s official spokesperson, Deandrea Hamilton, referred to the phenomenon as “a pioneering event for the State of the African Diaspora”. 

This initiative, according to Dr Linus Etube, Developer of the Swifin Digital Platform, will give the approximately eighty percent (80%) of people who do not have access to a bank account, access and a foundation from which to experience economic freedom in a world where only one percent (1%) has ever been offered that opportunity. This will further diffuse the inclusivity of the currency. Over 135 countries with registered members, have been consistently receiving their monthly stimulus on the 28th of each month. Dr Linus reassured that “Everybody in Jamaica who has the Swifin account receive their LUMI stimulus on the 28th. About 135 countries around the world who will also receive their stimulus precisely on the 28th day of every month without fail.”

The AKL LUMI “is a very powerful currency. It is as much an instrument of inclusion as it is an instrument of trade and economic empowerment. It is an instrument that recognizes and embraces all collective birthrights and natural endowments. No man, no woman or no child shall be excluded,” Linus said.  LUMI is a tool for investment and trade for the disenfranchised in this bottom-up paradigm. Dr Etube demonstrated to attendees of the conference how to access the Swifin platform by sending and receiving AKL LUMIS. On the platform, users can utilize their AKL LUMIS, to pay for bus fare, cinema tickets or even fertilizers. Hugh Johnson, Vice Prime Minister of SOAD and a Jamaican, shared his success of selling his fertilizers to Jamaicans as a testament that they can begin trading with merchants on the Swifin marketplace with their LUMI now. Access the marketplace at http://www.Platform.swifin.com .

Dr Linus Ebute shared an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who register as a merchant; they have guaranteed access to a line of credit of 626 LUMI (US$10,000). This can expand the marketplace which is already benefiting from the weekly LUMI Summit by helping to retool, and re-image businesses to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many descriptors of this historical movement for which Chief Semako I, AKA Timothy McPherson, Chairman of the Economic Community of the Sixth Region, describe as a road to liberation which is like a marathon. “Our forefathers ran their leg well, the baton is now passed to us. Will we drop the baton or will we run the race to give our next leg an advantage?” said the Chief.

The event welcomed over 120 participants which included SOAD guest speakers other than those already mentioned above, such as: Melvin Brown, Regional Vice President for the Americas; Keturah Amoako, Vice Prime Minister who represented Prime Minister, Louis-Georges Tin who was unavoidably absence.  Melvin Brown outlined a portfolio of ECO-6 and SOAD projects underway such as: the six (6) trillion LUMI stimulus helping the African family to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic; LUMI Cities Project to span the Diaspora and Continent; Keturah Amoako, often referred to as “one of the hardest-working women” in SOAD has 50 projects under her management and Hugh Johnson, leads the Agri-Commodity Exchange responsible for one billion in LUMI.

For more information contact the SOAD Jamaica Public Relations + 1 (876) 275-3169.


Nordia Panther
News Editor
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