Caribbean Culture – the Catalyst of Post-Pandemic Entertainment

Carnival in Motion Carnival in Motion. Photo Credit: Russ Ensley

All it took was one quarantined pandemic for people to acknowledge their need for diversity regarding entertainment options. With stage shows, parties, and concerts being halted, the need arose to use the abounding online world to provide entertainment that would not worsen the global situation. This highlighted the resilience of the Caribbean people, in using a popular Jamaican proverb, to “tek yuh han tun fashion”.

Caribbean culture has been spread through online platforms mainly with the use of social media. Some of these platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the key one being TikTok. Aspects such as language, music, and dance, have lit up a world that seemed to go dull at the onset of the pandemic. Although there are some tenets that we would not want to be highlighted, others have taken these taboo and ostracized beliefs to formulate trendy and appreciated content.

The potential of Caribbean culture to “take over the world” is unquestionable, however, it needs to be encouraged by the various government agencies and given a considerable level of priority. By using our strengths to receive profit, we secure a sustainable economy which benefits the region financially and otherwise. When we tap into the vast potential that lies within the Caribbean streets, then we will recognize that we possess all we need to enhance our situation.

Source: Alethia Campbell

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