Are you managing time...or is time managing you?


There are 24 hours in a day, and what you accomplish in a day is based on how effectively you can manage your time. You do not need more hours, what you need are strategies and tips to effectively and efficiently carry out tasks in the 24 hours that we are all given. Time management is a skill that is desired by many and it leads to a smoother day and more centered mind to say the least. With the fast pace world and with the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic many persons are tasked to work from home, and duties must be completed within the required time. This includes the same quality standard while managing all the other affairs that being at home brings. Time Management is no mystery or special superpower, it is a skill that must be nurtured and developed. How then can you manage your time, and not allow your time to manage you?

You must establish clear cut objectives and goals that you seek to carry out within a given day. To do list are still effective, whether you choose to use a simple pen and paper or one of these new advanced applications. Writing down what you seek to accomplish sets your mind and day in alignment. You know from the beginning all the tasks you seek to carry out within a given day. Value your time and therefore set that list in terms of priority items, so that those may be accomplished first. When setting this list, you must keep focus to not lose track of what is required of you.

A part of managing your time effectively is not rushing. As ironic as that sounds, it is true, rushing may lead to tasks not being done to the highest standard and you then run the risk of having to start over, which causes you to lose valuable time. Therefore, you must take your time to do tasks well and ensure that once you complete those tasks, they are final.

Be organized and ensure that you establish a workspace that is inspiring. Not because you are working from home means you should work from bed. That is a recipe for disaster and working from the comfort of your bed will cause you to feel drained and lackadaisical.

Set aside a quiet place where you are able to do tasks effectively, creating a little workspace from home. Being organized serves to be beneficial too in managing time, as you know where items are; this contributes to finding things easily. In reality, it actually saves time. When your environment is organized it releases your mind and causes you to complete tasks much easier. A confused and clustered environment weighs down your brain and slows down your productivity. Find a nice space and organize it properly to create an efficient work environment which aids in productivity and time management.

Another aspect of stress management to consider is delegation. No man is an island, no man stands alone, is applicable in this present situation. One person cannot accomplish all the tasks and duties on their own and therefore in managing your time well, you must be able to delegate tasks to various individuals in your organization or business. You have to know what to take on and what tasks to say no to and pass on to another individual. If we take on too much, it can lead to a state of being overwhelmed. Managing time means managing yourself and therefor you must know when to delegate and pass on task to other members of your organization who have the competence and skillset.

Finally, take breaks and eat well. There’s an old saying, ‘what you put in is what you get out.’ How your body feels physically will cause you to use your time differently. If your body is logy, your mind too is logy, and you then take longer periods to complete tasks. Sleep well and eat fresh fruits and vegetables that will add an extra boost to your day. These healthier food choices will cause your body to run with more efficiency and if your body is running well then, those tasks will be completed well. Remember, if your brain is logy it will be highlighted in the length of time you take to complete a task and the quality that you produce.

Time management is critical to being successful and it is a skill that must be honed and developed to truly become successful and keep at your ‘A’ game while working from home. Time management is an essential skill as it keeps our lives structured and stable. It leads to a more functional life and you can complete tasks timely and produce quality standard work. Honing the skill of time management also helps to reduce stress and keeps the mind stable. If you are unorganized and running behind on tasks, then this will increase your stress level. Managing your time efficiently will lead to a reduced stress level and more productive life.

We are all given 24 hours, how much you accomplish with your life lies solely in your hands. Start managing your time by setting goals, being organized and know when to say no.

 Manage your time effectively and efficiently and do not allow time to manage you.


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