Temple of Inner Peace Launched Within Herbology Meets Rootsology Showcase

Temple of Inner Peace Launched Within Herbology Meets Rootsology Showcase

Herbology meets Rootsology was conceptualised to merge Denise Isis  Miller's  Rootsology program with the Indigenous healing plant culture of Jamaica.  With this in mind, a tour was born, to raise the  awareness of the populace, to holistic health, wellness and transformation. 

On Saturday, Feb 19, 2022 one leg of the tour merged beautifully with the launch of The Temple of Inner Peace Retreat conceptualised by Sharon Parris-Chambers and Theo Chambers, owner/operators. This Temple is a serene space in the woods of Mt. Airy, a little district on the tip of The Negril West End.

 Founded by Theo and Sharon Chambers, this place is designed to allow nature to assist in one's healing. So, there you can unwind and reconnect with your true self. It's a place where a food forest is being created within the natural flora of a rain forest Melodious birdsong and wind chimes serenade all day long in this tranquil space, dotted with hammocks  for relaxation. The earth is welcoming of your bare feet to ground and balance yourself. Steps built amidst rocks and greenery, lead  downwards to a large  firepit at the centre of the space. Beyond that  are more  trees and nooks to slip away and find your quietness in.

Saturday’s launch saw a lit firepit, to encourage one to burn away the sorrows, woes, and heavy energies that may assail. Saging of  guests by a  gracious hostess, Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers. Drumming  by master drummers from the Indigenous Rasta Village. Entrepreneurs who use herbs, earth and roots  to offer healing products,  displayed  their wares. There were body treatments made from castor oil, charcoal and clay. Roots tonics from master herbalists. Vegan and raw vegan foods and fresh pressed juices  to nourish and delight.

Guest speaker, Dr Sherrill Chong spoke on the ‘omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient presence’ within the self, and true empowerment. Master herbalist, Bongo Roache, gave honour to the Almighty presence that he says works through him so he can offer healing herbs and tonics to the populace.  Other speakers such as Diana McIntyre-Pike, Arlene Alberga  Mckenzie and Ajamu Nangwaya, spoke on the importance of Indigenous tourism;  The relevance of  harnessing natural resources within communities  to build and create healthy spaces for them; The importance of creating food forests in your own yard to self-sustain and create future wealth.

Parris-Chambers said “it was an honor to have Mutabaruka, host of Cuttin Edge Radio Show heard on IRIE FM as our special guest. He has been inspirational in my thrust to plant my seeds and grow my own food at Temple of Inner Peace. We acknowledge Herbology Meets Rootsology founder Denise Isis Miller and partner Cover Palmer of ICAN Ltd.; Claude ‘Big Stone’ Sinclair, Music Producer/Host and Nature Ellis, entertainer/producer of Revolution Choice Records. We thank them all for their creativity and contribution to the launch.”

It was a lovely fulfilling day. The focus was holistic health and guests were nourished in mind body and spirit with all that was presented.

The Temple of Inner Peace Retreat is now available for a day away, to unwind, relax and reconnect with one’s self in nature.

The program Rootsology is aired on Roots FM 96.1, Mondays to Fridays, 10 am to 2 pm.

For more information call, Theo Chambers @ 876-310-6612
Source: Gloria Hope Heaven

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