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Most, if not all individuals are familiar with Shea Butter, but the Shea nut Oil is not as popular, this very versatile aromatherapy oil is a marvel, it has all the benefits of Shea Butter in oil form!

Shea nut Oil is generally cold pressed from Shea nuts or fractionated from the Shea Butter as a by-product. This oil has been used for centuries, it’s first ever recorded use was from European explorers who visited Ancient Egypt.

This oil is used for a number of things and has numerous benefits. Note that unrefined Shea Oil has more stearic fatty acid in it and looks more creamy than oily, it has high viscosity.

Refined shea oil has a lower viscosity. It is a thinner oil it will liquefy at lower temperatures than coconut oil making it an excellent carrier oil for skin and hair care products.

Pure shea oil contains vitamins A, E and F. It has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties and evens your skin tone. With that, listed below are some benefits of using Shea Nut Oil.

Benefits of using Shea Nut Oil

  • Arthritic treatment.
  • Prevents the pain related to itching and tightness.
  • In Nigeria, it is used to provide relief from nasal congestion and manage sinusitis.
  • Gets rid of scars, wrinkles and burns.
  • Promotes hair growth and moisturizes dry scalp.
  • Cures chapped lips, gets rid of blemishes, skin discoloration and stretch marks.
  • Relieves irritation.
  • Cures skin rashes, skin peeling, small skin wounds, skin cracks, frost bites, insect bites, and skin allergies.
  • Helps with muscle fatigue.
  • Used as a shaving cream to reduce skin irritation.
  • Used on cuticles and nails to get shiny, strong and healthy nails.
  • Used to enhance your eyelashes instead of mascara.
  • Used to shine and brighten your smile, apply on teeth.
  • Keeps feet hydrated.
  • Use as a hydrating mask, make up remover or night moisturizer for face.
  • Great for use as a sun block.

With all of these amazing benefits, who wouldn’t want to use such a versatile product?

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  • The people allergic to tree nuts should avoid the use of Shea nut oil.
  • When the condition worsens, consult a doctor.

Source: MonsheaHealth Benefits Times


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