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BY Theo Chambers

I have had the opportunity to live a disease-free, sickness-free, headache-free life, for the last 72 years, except for my Quadruple Heart Bypass, which I had in 2015, due to the fact that my body seems to manufacture extra cholesterol in spite of the fact I am a vegetarian for over 50 years.

Please come with me on this Wellness Destructive Behavior I find my family, friends, and associates living:

Two or more individuals cannot come to a common understanding unless they have a common definition on the subject matter they are speaking about.

      • Based on the above truth, let us all agree that 90+% of all-natural products are harmless to the human body. 
      • Let us also agree, that there are no known deadly side effects of taking natural products and that there is no evidence of anyone dying from taking natural products.
      • Let us also come to a common agreement that all pharmaceutical products have deadly side effects, and that people have experienced additional health problems that they never had, due to pharmaceutical medication.
      • The human race is in existence for over 600 thousand years, and the pharmaceutical industry started around the mid-1800s.  This means that humans existed for millions of years on natural products before the existence of the pharmaceutical monopoly.

Based on the above truth, I am ready to take you on my journey of a human- self-destructive daily behavior lifestyle.

#1 - Everyone who owns an automobile knows exactly when that car needs a tuneup, what type of gas it uses, and when to change the tires, but the majority of those same individuals have no idea how to keep the great automobile call the human body in optimum performance.


The human body is made up of trillions of cells, and those cells do not need food, they need energy, therefore, we must consume food that will turn into energy, thereby, empowering the ‘Doctor Within’ to keep your internal operation optimized.   

Here comes the irrational, oxymoron, and destructive conversation we have with ourselves and others.

After watching and listening to the great masterminded print, radio, and tv commercials, we have learned to abandon that which kept the human race alive (natural herbs and products) and we replaced them with products made in a lab that imitates that which we used to take naturally.

After years of eating canned food, junk food, and drinking drinks that are full of sugar, preservatives and other deadly substances unfriendly to the human body, we seek the help of medical doctors who were never trained or have been exposed to natural remedies. 

  • Oxymoron Conversation #1

“Peter, my wife, and I have been using product XYZ for the last couple of months, and what fantastic results we have experienced!  Great energy, pain is gone, and our bodies feel like it is in perfect harmony with nature.”

We highly recommend that you and your family should try it.

      • Peter’s reply - “ Theo, I am presently on medication and I do not want to mixed anything that might complicate the medication I am now taking. (Theo’s silent mental reply:  mmmh, what is more, destructive than the actual medication you are presently taking with all of its side effects?)”

Theo’s open reply to Peter, “I do understand your concern,  Whenever you are ready to try them, let me know.”

  • Oxymoron Conversation #2

Two (2) days later, Theo received a call from his good friend Peter inviting him to lunch with a group of friends.  They ordered everything basically on the menu. 

Peter never once asked what are the ingredients in each of their servings.  He never asked what are the ingredients in the sauce or seasoning. 

He was not concerned for one minute about the implication his lunch is having on his medication.

Before they departed, they end up at their favorite local bar, where Peter consumed three beers and a shot of his favorite liquor.

  • Oxymoron Conversation #3
      • “Shannette, how are you?” 

As you know, Sharon and I are in the wellness business with a combined experience of over 70 years, therefore, we have tried so many products, and today, I want to share with you a line of products that are giving us great health results. 

I would like to send you the video, hoping you will find it informative to the point that you will want to try the products.

      • Shannette’s Answer - “Thanks Theo, but at the present moment I am taking XYZ all-natural products, and, I would not want to add any additional products that might interfere with what I am now taking.”

3 months later, Theo received a call from Shannette who said she was in the hospital and found out that she had diabetes and high blood pressure. 

She is now on pharmaceutical medication and has no concerns that those medications are going to interfere with the ‘all-natural products’ she has been taking.


People will continue to find excuses why they cannot take more than one different all-natural brand, but those same individuals will take the same medication made by different companies, some even use the generic versions of their medication.

The majority of individuals will buy and eat different brands of rice, drink different brands of water, sugary drinks, eat different types of food, and eat at different types of restaurants, including fast food. 

Why are we willing to try different brands of food and drinks, products that our family and friends recommend, but the question or reject anything to do with all-natural and organic products?

The Honorable Marcus Garvey said it best when he said, “None But Ourselves Can Free The Mind.”

The only way we can take back control of our bodies is by acknowledging that we all live 24/7 within our body, therefore, the most expensive things should go inside of our bodies, not on top of it.

We must also admit that too many of us Spend Our Health, Pursuing Wealth, and end up Spending Our Wealth Trying To Regain Our Health.

A Person Convinced Against Their Will
Is Of The Same Opinion Still

If you are convinced, not against your will, but have come to the
self-realization that your Health Is Your Priceless Wealth, and that without good health, you have nothing, then, this section of our conversation is for you.

    1. You agree that you live 24/7 within your body and nowhere else.
    2. You agree that your Health is your Priceless Wealth.
    3. You would like to die Young at a Very Old Age
    4. You agree and understand that your cells do not need food, they need the energy to keep your body optimized.
    5. You are willing to do your own research proving there are no recorded deaths of anyone dying from the use of natural products.
    6. That based on the above truth, that you are open to trying multiple brands of natural products, because there will basically be no side effects, or deadly complications from those products, unlike pharmaceutical products with their deadly side effects.
    7. You also are acknowledging that taking the above steps towards good health is not 100% guaranteed, but it will give your body a damn good fighting chance.

Free Yourself My Brothers and Sisters From Medical Slavery by integrating as many natural products into your daily lives, regardless of its marketing and promotional Brand.

We must stop criticizing each other’s natural products which divide the Wellness industry to the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry.

We are not listing the products we are presently using, because this is not about a brand, but about you taking your life into your own hands by infusing the various natural brands into your daily wellness regimen. 

If we can help you on your WellBeing Journey, please contact us. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 516-499-3380 or 876-310-6612 

Ashe, Ashe’Ooooooo

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