Eliminate A.N.T. Brain Fog

ANT-PHOTO-FINAL Eliminate A.N.T. Brain Fog

Do you sometimes too often choose to act on the negative thoughts surfing in your mind? You can eliminate Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.T.) through Cognitive Behavior Therapy, an effective therapeutic intervention developed by Psychiatrist Aaron Beck.

You can learn how to cancel negative thoughts and reset with more meaningful, purposeful and life-enhancing thoughts within 21 days. Begin to practice now to be alert, pay attention to your thoughts, cancel negative ones and reset with new thoughts. This is a powerful tool to rewire the brain’s neuronal network by forging new pathways. It can be done in 21 days according to research; you will create more positive changes in your brain as well as your life.

Strategies for Eliminating A.N.T.:

List your recurring A.N.T. thoughts.

Ask yourself – are these thoughts accurate, am I 100% sure?

Commit to reframe your thoughts minute by minute.

Release yourself from anxiety and depression by actively canceling negative thoughts and immediately replacing them with Positive ones.

Practicing Mindfulness is living in the moment; remove the negative cloud from over your head. Put Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to work for you and enjoy life to the fullest.

Source: V.O.I.C.E.S.org

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